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Kuolevan - Death Knight

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1 Kuolevan - Death Knight on Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:22 pm

Btw im having some browser problems atm and after the third time i deleted my own msg i just reposted another app from previous occasions. Have fun with it Razz

***Write your introduction here, tell us a bit about yourself. What you do in real life, hobbies, other interests etc***

>>> Hey there restless adventurers! As probably do most of you I too like to substitute my last year of education in BA, and the occasional work on EU projects, with unyielding hours of monster slashing Besides my pathologic condition in wow, activities I some times ge to include aggresive in-line skating, lots-o-music listening, and an occasional or maybe more regular than someone would wish - alcohol imbued evening... I quit WoW after TBC came out and now i have returned to my days of glory reborn from the ashes of...errrm...to play the Death Knight since i have been waiting for that kind of class for a long time

1 What is your character name? - Kuolevan

2 What class and spec is your character? - Death Knight (max single-target dps spec (subject to change of course)). Howling BLast and Frost strike as main abilities and blood to ABomination's might for the AP bonus. 8-9 Crits almost all the time is good Smile

3 What is your own age? - 25

4 What country are you from, and where do you live? - Bulgaria. I live in the capital Sofia, but there is a dark place in my mind where i dwell some times `_-

5 Do you know anyone in Icicle, if yes, who? - I know Baiyah, Inspire, Epika, Zissou, and everyone who comes from Reckless basically. They are all my friends and we all left Reckless for the same reason.

6 What level are you? - There is only one lvl: 80

7 Do you have any alts? If yes, what levels, classes and specs? no

9 What MMO experience do you have prior to WoW? leave out Ultima and EQ and i have tried them all

10 What do you expect of Icicle? - Friendliness, maturity, fellowship = time worth spending in front of a PC

11 Will you be available to raid on our main raid days - I am not currently preoccupied with a lot of work or study so i guess most of the time i'll be on. If not it will say "offline"... ^^

14 How many hours on average do you play WoW in a week? - 20-40-60 depending on IRL agenda.

15 Links your armory page here. - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Spinebreaker&n=Kuolevan

16 If you would join, would you be using ventrilo (conversation program)? - ofc, there is always a time when you will have to use your fingers for smth other than typing.

18 Would you join guild events? - Intend to.

19 What is your pve and pvp experience? - I don't PvP in WoW. Ever. PvE - I have soloed, partied, raided, wiped, resurected - all that jazz ;P

22 Insert a picture of your ingame interface here. - OMEN, DBM, MAGICRUNES (others are irrelevant to raiding)

***Write a bit about why we want you in the guild here***

>>> Well I am tolerant, understanding, participative, healthily mad and in general fun to be around with (commercial time over due to high rates). In addition I imagine i will be one of the few at this point that play a Death Knight because they want to play a Death Knight not just to have a cool alt.

Well if you want to know anything else feel free to guess and never ask me clown

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2 Re: Kuolevan - Death Knight on Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:24 pm

Lawl - Baiyah sry m8 Embarassed Naiyah ofc I mean Smile

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