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Overlords - shaman

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1 Overlords - shaman on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:43 am

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, what are you doing for a living?

Hey. I'm Alex, I'm 27 and I live in Romania. I work day and night to get master in all professions Razz

2. Please list your playtimes below (in-game time), be specific (e.g. Monday: 18:00 to 02:00, etc.). Do you expect those playtimes to change within the next 4-6 months?
Almost daily from 19:00 game time and maybe some more in weekends.

3. Since when are you playing WoW? What is the /played time on your character(s)?
I've been playing WoW for almost 2 years and i got about 81 days on the shammy.

4. What is your prior guild history? What is your current guild, if any? Be detailed please, explain reasons for leaving.
Several small guilds like Slizzard Bucks and Wipefest Inc and Veritas atm. I'd like to change guild because i don't agree on lots of stuff with the senior officers. The thing is i don't really waste lots of gold and a whole night trying some achievement that it's rather clear we can't do and i can't stand people blaming others for some mistakes.

5. What is your past raid experience in WoW?
Almost all TBC raids and I've cleared all WotLK raids, including OS with 3 drakes up.
6. Introduce your character, please include class, level, race, talent spec.
Overlords 80 orc shaman mainly resto spec but i got good gear for all specs.

7. Submit a link to your character profile below, armory one works fine). Try to make sure it contains the gear you'd use for PvE, or tell us something about your PvE gear in case we can't see it on armory.

8. Please explain your talent spec to us. If you're currently specced for PvP, please post a link to the spec you will chose for PvE, and explain that as well.
As I was saying, my main spec is resto but I can respec on ench or elemental at anytime if requested.

9. Please explain your vision on what your class should do in a raid.
As resto , heavy raid heal but also focusing on a single during a fight if necessary. And of course keep buff totems up and maybe help other casters/healers with mana tide.
10. What kind of resist gear do you have, for different resist types? Please list your unbuffed resists, in your respective resist gear.
No resist gear, no really necessary until now. But i can get some frost resist in the shortest time Smile
11. Which tradeskills and gathering professions do you have at 350+? Do you have any rare recipes, tradeskill-related factions?
Maxxed out mining and BS with all recipes on BS.
12. If you have or had any other characters at level 70, please introduce them briefly, and give us a short history.
I play only the shaman atm.
13. Why do you want to join Icicle?
I've been hearing good things about the guild and i got some good friends there.
14. Who do you know in Icicle, how do you know them?
Yeah,some: Zdamatii, Balegau, Ingernegru, Rauu, Vidock, Babacu, Sedated. Am I forgetting someone? Razz
15. Do you accept and follow all of our rules?
But of course
16. Are you willing and able to read and use our forums, as we require?
At anytime
17. How is your latency on Spinebreaker? Do you ever lag or disconnect? Do you ever get crashes?
Most of the time i got less than 100 ms. No crash problems and such.
18. How much control do you have over your playtimes? Can you sometimes stay up late? Can you arrange your dinner and other obligations before our raid times? Can you raid without interruptions?
I'm in total control. Me and Chuck Norris Razz
19. Are you willing - and have the time to - to farm faction, resist gear and consumables as needed for our raids, outside our raiding times?
I will do that if it is needed.
20. Do you have anything else to add to your apply?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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2 Re: Overlords - shaman on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:54 pm

You definitely meet our gear and experience requirement.

Although we have plenty of resto shamans, including myself. What we do need is good elemental shamans. I don't know how geared you are in elemental, but if you would respec and maybe set elemental as your main spec you certainly have a spot here.

Trial granted, whisper me, Crackopoff or any Class Leaders to get an invite.

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