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1 Ghann-warrior/Furiat-rogue on Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:14 pm

hello. first at all I want to include one thing. I got two characters and I want to join guild with both them.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, what are you doing for a living?
My name is Bartek, 23 yers old. Im from Poland. From monday till friday Im working as messenger and study at weekends.

2. Please list your playtimes below (in-game time), be specific (e.g. Monday: 18:00 to 02:00, etc.). Do you expect those playtimes to change within the next 4-6 months? I play almoust everyday.
18:00 - 23:00 its my normal game time. more on weekends (all day if i have to farm or something)

3. Since when are you playing WoW? What is the /played time on your character(s)?
Im playing WoW from September 2006.
/played as warrior 119days
/played as rogue 31days
/played as priest 34days
I had warrior and rogue before on other server and around 100days played there.

4. What is your prior guild history? What is your current guild, if any? Be detailed please, explain reasons for leaving.
Currently Im in polish guild named Shadows of Dragons. Its fall apart Sad. In tbc mostly I was raiding in audacious.
5. What is your past raid experience in WoW? VoA(10&25man), OS with one drake(10&25man), Naxxramas ofc (10&25man), ulduar two first bosses 10man. cleared pretbc and tbc instances.

6. Introduce your character, please include class, level, race, talent spec.
warrior/Ghann - orc, 80lvl, protection build http://eu.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=1&tal=3502000123000000000000000000000004000000000000000000000000023351224003010521330103321
rogue/Furiat - undead, 80lvl, mutilate (<3 daggers) http://eu.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=4&tal=00532310535010052210033105100500500300000000000000000005020000000000000000000000000

7. Submit a link to your character profile below, armory one works fine). Try to make sure it contains the gear you'd use for PvE, or tell us something about your PvE gear in case we can't see it on armory.
warrior - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Spinebreaker&n=Ghann
rogue - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Spinebreaker&n=Furiat
/played 21hours at 80lvl got 4/5 t7 Very Happy

8. Please explain your talent spec to us. If you're currently specced for PvP, please post a link to the spec you will chose for PvE, and explain that as well.
I link'd talents before. So...
warrior - its normal build in protection tree but I got impale to get extra threate and its usefull for solo play (tank'd with impale since tk and ssc times)
rogue - standard build for daggers(mutilate) rogues. bassed on SnD, garrote and HfB. I made mistake with 2talents points but I'll fix that soon when i buy dual spec (working on second build).
9. Please explain your vision on what your class should do in a raid.
warrior - tank&spank Smile as always pick up fast mobs(adds), build fast aggro, be on top omen list. tank what you have to do - following tactics and what RL will say etc.
rogue - always try to be top dps in raid. but not only dmg and dps is important. sometimes its more important to do something else or dont die. depends on what encounter we trying.

10. What kind of resist gear do you have, for different resist types? Please list your unbuffed resists, in your respective resist gear.
I have only frost ressist gear (~300 resi) on my warrior. its from tbc. I made it for hydross in ssc. But always i can make new one if needed.

11. Which tradeskills and gathering professions do you have at 350+? Do you have any rare recipes, tradeskill-related factions?
warrior - 406blackssmiting, 362engineering (here dont need to have more, unusefull), alsoe have cooking (some wotlk recipes) and fishing (working on it in wotlk)
rogue - 432alchemy (transmute mastery atm, going to elixir master becose in wotlk is better and I can make some elixir for guild), 442 jawelcrafting (here i'm trying to get everyone recipe)

12. If you have or had any other characters at level 70, please introduce them briefly, and give us a short history.
I had warrior and rogue before on other server and 73lvl BE priest (i'm think about transfer it to spinebreaker( hes on burning legion atm))

13. Why do you want to join Icicle?
my friends are here and more inc. i want to be with them in Icicle. lizzard told my to make this apllication becose this is good guild and worth it Wink

14. Who do you know in Icicle, how do you know them?
lizarrd, dorg, cocaa - my friends.

15. Do you accept and follow all of our rules?

16. Are you willing and able to read and use our forums, as we require?
Ofcourse. I like to read guild forum and post.

17. How is your latency on Spinebreaker? Do you ever lag or disconnect? Do you ever get crashes?
My latency is around 50-150ms, 30-60fps on ultra mode ;] my internet connection is good so i dont have lags, disconnect i have once per 2-3 months,

18. How much control do you have over your playtimes? Can you sometimes stay up late? Can you arrange your dinner and other obligations before our raid times? Can you raid without interruptions?
Yes I can raid without interuptions. Im not going afk in raids becose I dont like when people do it and I dont feel good when 24 people waits for me.

19. Are you willing - and have the time to - to farm faction, resist gear and consumables as needed for our raids, outside our raiding times?
Its normal for me. I have gold and one bag alywas full with regends.

20. Do you have anything else to add to your apply?
I have two character, my warrior is geared to tank ulduar I think. I tank'd boss in ulduar without problems. about my rogue...you require 3000dps in raid, I have 2500 atm (working on it all the time) so maybe I can raid naxxramas 10 and 25man gathering gear.

I hope my application is good and I get invite in to guild. thanks for reading this.
greeting, Ghann/Furiat

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2 Re: Ghann-warrior/Furiat-rogue on Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:58 am


Denied - you seem like a dedicated player but unfortunately we don't really have room for another rogue or warrior.

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