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Crise, Retribution Paladin.

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1 Crise, Retribution Paladin. on Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:44 pm

Well hey, I'm Crise, the dedicated retlol and here's some info about me:

I'm from Ukraine, currently live in Poland, 20 y/o, male.
I can translate Russian-Polish-English in any direction. I also understand Ukrainian perfectly (but can't write/speak), so if you guys need any translations done I'll gladly do it.

I'm playing a lot, mainly all the evenings and entire weekends.

I'm also playing for quite a long time (with huge breaks tho). All I can say is that I can remember times when there were no battlegrounds. I've had a human 60 lev paladin on Bladefist preTBC (was a leader of guild too). Next to no raiding experience from vanilla WoW tho. Then I've rolled horde in TBC, obviously BE pala on Spinebreaker, sadly though my raid experience ended on Kara. Then I've had a huge break and I've refreshed my account like 2 weeks ago. I've managed to do few Naxx 10/25 runs as well as some other raids/HCs and get some epics from there. I'm not really awesomely geared currently but I should be able to do 3k on Patch with BL without seal twising (which I'm planning to train now). I've also had few paladins in between and before, though on low level. I know a thing or two about tanking and healing, but I'm almost always staying ret and trying to be as updated with class mechanics as possible.


That's my armory and current PvE spec. It's kinda experimental (the prot part) but seems to work in raids pretty well.

My current guild is Shadows of Dragons, and I want to leave simply because almost all raiders left it and it's impossible to gather a raid anymore.

No resist gear so far, but I guess it won't be a problem to farm for it (or any other stuff I might need for raiding).

Mining/Engineering - both 450, so I can both drop you some scrapbots and make guns/ammo.

I want to join Icicle mainly because Lizzard (whom I know from SoD) says you're ok. I guess that's enough for me as I don't really mind how the guild looks like, I just want to raid with no drama. And I also won't cause any really, I hate conflicts and I'd rather pass on loot than lead to whatever arguments. It's just a piece of code.

My latency is around 150 and I have no problems with lags but I often crash lately. While my PC is able to stay at 100 FPS in any given situation (including raids and Dala), memory crashes happen quite often for reason totally unknown to me. It takes me around 20 seconds to get back into the fight after crash occurs. Never happened to me more then 1 time during raids (even long Naxx runs).

As for my contribution to the raid, well where do I start. First of all DPS is maybe not insane, but is good. That's not important here tho. I can provide loads of utility to the raid icluding, but not limited to: Blessings, Hands (duh), offhealing/sacred shielding, melee healing trough Judgement of Light (that can sometimes go around 10% of raid healing and is great for setups with lots of melee and bosses that do AoE damage. Then if shit hits the fan I can always bubble and Divine Sacrifice, reducing raid damage by 40% for 10 seconds. That trick saves lifes in times when boss does insane AoE damage and gives time for healers to do their job. While retribution paladin is mainly a single target DPS, I can also do pretty well with AoE damage on trash (Consecration/Divine Storm, and Holy Wrath on undead/demon targets). In fact my AoE spells are always in rotation so DPS goes up when there are more then 1 target around me. It's always a good idea to have at least 1 retribution paladin in the raid, and I have to say I'm pretty experienced in being one.

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2 Re: Crise, Retribution Paladin. on Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:52 am


Denied - you're gear simply isn't up to par. You are however welcome to whisper an officer later on for a re-evaluation since you do seem like a good player.

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